Round Bar

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Available in a range of diameters and lengths
Stock Product ID SKU
Round 10mm Dia. X 6m RD10 0000580
Round 10mm Dia X 2m RD102 0001681
Round 10mm Dia X 6m Galv RD10GA 0001011
Round 12mm Dia X 6m RD12 0000582
Round 12mm Dia X 6m Galv RD12GA 0001012
Round 130mm Dia X Mtrs RD130 0000959
Round 14mm Dia X 6m RD14 0000583
Round 14mm Dia X 2m RD142 0001683
Round 16mm Dia X 6m RD16 0000585
Round 160mm Dia.X Mtrs RD160 0001396
Round 16mm X 2m RD162 0003057
Round 16mm Dia X 6m Galv RD16GA 0001013
Round 18mm Dia X 6m RD18 0001099
Round 20mm Dia X 6m RD20 0000586
Round 20 Mm Dia X 6m Galv RD20GA 0001306
Round 22mm Dia X 6m RD22 0000587
Round 24mm Dia X 6m RD24 0000588
Round 27mm Dia.X 6m RD27 0001180
Round 30mm Dia X 6m RD30 0000589
Round 33mm Dia X 6m RD33 0000590
Round 36mm Dia. X 6m RD36 0000591
Round 39mm Dia X 6m RD39 0001053
Round 4.76 Dia X 6m RD5 0001014
Round 50mm Dia X 6m RD50 0000593
Round 5mm Dia X 2m RD52 0001678
Round 5mm Dia X 6m RD5GA 0001764
Round 6.3mm Dia. X 6m RD6 0000594
Round 6.3mm Dia X 2m RD62 0001679
Round 6mm Dia X 6m Galv RD6G 0001785
Round 8mm Dia. X 6m RD8 0000597
Round 8mm Dia X 2m RD82 0001680