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Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Round Tubes.
ERW is a process where electrical contacts or induction coils are used to manufacture the pipe. Steel strip is uncoiled, leveled and crop-sheared. It is then trimmed on both sides at the same time to correct width and immediately fed into the forming and welding line. This strip is fed into a series of cold forming rolls, where it is formed into a tubular shape, and then joined by high frequency electric resistance welding. The resulting product has a uniform wall thickness, and the welded area is heat-treated by post annealing to ensure adequate ductility at the weld. 

  • Tent Poles
  • Coach Framing
  • Luggage & Shopping Trolleys
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Safety Ladders
  • Fencing
  • Handrailing & Balustrade
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Erw Tube 12.7mm X 1.6mm X 6.1m T1216 0002715
Erw Tube 16x1.6 Blk X 6.1m T1616 0000853
Erw Tube 19x1.6 Blk X 6.1m T1916 0000770
Erw Tube 22x1.6 Blk X 6.1m T2216 0000937
Erw Tube 25.4x1.6 Blk X 6.1m T25416 0000771
Erw Tube 31.8x1.6 X 6.1m T318 0000772
Erw Tube 38.1x1.6 Blk X 6.1m T38116 0000928
Erw Tube 44.45 X 1.6 T4416 0003032
Erw Tube 50.8x1.6 Blk X 6.1m T508 0000773
Erw Tube 63.5 X 1.6 Blk T635 0003455