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Textured floor plate suitable for treds, trailer floor and a host of other applications
Stock Product ID SKU
Floorplate 10mm X Sq Mtrs FLPL10 0002677
Floor Plate 1200x1500x2.1mm FLPL121521 0004415
Floor Plate 1200x1800x2.1mm FLPL121821 0000315
Floor Plate 1200x1800x3mm FLPL12183 0000316
Floorplate 1200x2100x2.1mm FLPL122121 0001140
Floor Plate 1200x2400x2.1mm FLPL122421 0000317
Floor Plate 1200x2400x3mm FLPL12243 0000318
Floorplate 3mm X Sqmtrs FLPL3 0000319
Floorplate 5mm X Sq.Mtrs. FLPL5 0000320
Floorplate 6mm X Sq.Mtrs. FLPL6 0000321