Square & Rectangular Hollow Sections

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RHS is popular in many forms of building and other structural and mechanical applications. 
Stock Product ID SKU
Rhs 100x100x3 Ptdx8m RHS10010038 0000606
Rhs 100x100x4 Ptdx8m RHS10010048 0000608
Rhs 100x100x5 Ptdx8m RHS10010058 0000610
Rhs 100x100x6 Ptdx8m RHS1001006 0000612
Rhs 100x100x9 Ptdx8m RHS1001009 0000613
Rhs 100x50x2.5 Ptdx8m RHS10050258 0000844
Rhs 100x50x3 Ptdx8m RHS100503 0000615
Rhs 100x50x4 Ptdx8m RHS100504 0000617
Rhs 100x50x5 Ptdx8m RHS100505 0000618
Rhs 100x50x5 Ptdx6.7m RHS10050567 0004389
Rhs 100x50x6 Ptdx8m RHS100506 0000619
Rhs 102x76x5 Ptd X 8mtr RHS102765 0002738
Rhs 125x125x4 Ptdx8m RHS1251254 0000620
Rhs 125x125x5 Ptdx8m RHS1251255 0000621
Rhs 125x125x6 Ptdx8m RHS1251256 0000622
Rhs 125x75x4 Ptdx8m RHS125754 0000625
Rhs 125x75x5 Ptd X8m RHS125755 0000627
Rhs 13x13x1.5 Pnt X6.5m RHS131315 0003125
Rhs 150x100x4 Ptd X8m RHS1501004 0000629
Rhs 150x100x6 Ptd X8m RHS1501006 0000631
Rhs 150x150x4 Ptd X 8m RHS1501504 0001981
Rhs 150x150x6 Ptd X8m RHS1501506 0000634
Rhs 150x50x3 Ptd X 8m RHS150503 0000636
Rhs 150x50x4 Ptd X 8m RHS150504 0000638
Rhs 150x50x5 Ptd X 8m RHS150505 0000639
Rhs 15x15x1.5 Pnt X6.5m RHS151515 0003126
Rhs 152x76x5 Ptd X 8mtr RHS152765 0002737
Rhs 152x76x6 Ptd X 8m RHS152766 0001318
Rhs 200x100x4 Ptd X 8m RHS2001004 0000640
Rhs 200x100x5 Ptd X 8m RHS2001005 0000641
Rhs 200x100x6 Ptd X 8m RHS2001006 0000642
Rhs 200x200x6 Ptd X 8m RHS2002006 0000644
Rhs 20x20x1.6 Ptd X 6.5m RHS202016 0000645
Rhs 20x20x1.6 Ptd X 2m RHS2020162 0001699
Rhs 20x20x2 Ptd X 6.5mtr RHS20202 0002758
Rhs 250x150x6 X 12mtr RHS250150612 0002746
Rhs 250x250x9 X 8mtr RHS2502509 0002718
Rhs 25x25x1.6 Ptd X 6.5m RHS252516 0000647
Rhs 25x25x1.6 Ptd X 2m RHS2525162 0001708
Rhs 25x25x2 Ptd X 6.5m RHS25252 0000649
Rhs 25x25x2.5 Ptd X 6.5m RHS252525 0000650
Rhs 25x25x3 Ptd X 6.5m RHS25253 0000653
Rhs 30x30x2 Ptd X 8m RHS30302 0000655
Rhs 30x30x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS303025 0001459
Rhs 30x30x3 Ptd X 8m RHS30303 0000658
Rhs 35x35x2 Ptd X 8m RHS35352 0000661
Rhs 35x35x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS3535258 0000660
Rhs 40x40x2 Ptd X 8m RHS40402 0000664
Rhs 40x40x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS404025 0000665
Rhs 40x40x3 Ptd X 8m RHS40403 0000668
Rhs 40x40x4 Ptd X 8m RHS40404 0000670
Rhs 50x25x2 Ptd X 8m RHS50252 0000672
Rhs 50x25x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS502525 0001307
Rhs 50x25x3 Ptd X 8m RHS50253 0000675
Rhs 50x50x2 Ptd X 8m RHS50502 0000677
Rhs 50x50x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS505025 0000678
Rhs 50x50x3 Ptd X 8m RHS50503 0000681
Rhs 50x50x4 Ptd X 8m RHS50504 0000683
Rhs 50x50x5 Ptd X 8m RHS50505 0000685
Rhs 65x35x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS653525 0001015
Rhs 65x65x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS656525 0001892
Rhs 65x65x3 Ptd X 8m RHS65653 0000690
Rhs 65x65x4 Ptd X 8m RHS65654 0000692
Rhs 65x65x6 Ptd X 8m RHS65656 0000694
Rhs 75x25x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS752525 0000695
Rhs 75x50x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS755025 0000696
Rhs 75x50x3 Ptd X 8m RHS75503 0000697
Rhs 75x50x4 Ptd X 8m RHS75504 0000698
Rhs 75x50x5 Ptd X 8m RHS75505 0002078
Rhs 75x50x6 Ptd X 8m RHS75506 0000699
Rhs 75x75x2.5 Ptd X 8m RHS757525 0001016
Rhs 75x75x3 Ptd X 8m RHS757538 0000701
Rhs 75x75x4 Ptd X 8m RHS75754 0000703
Rhs 75x75x5 Ptd X 8m RHS75755 0000705
Rhs 75x75x6 Ptd X 8m RHS75756 0000706
Rhs 76x38x3 Ptd X 8m RHS76383 0001648
Rhs 89x89x3.5 Ptd X 8m RHS8989358 0000707
Rhs 89x89x5 Ptd X 8m RHS89895 0000708
Rhs 89x89x6 Ptd X 8m RHS89896 0000709