Galvanized Square & Rectangular Hollow Sections

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RHS is popular in many forms of building and other structural and mechanical applications. 
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Rhs 100x100x3 Allgal X6m RHS10010036G 0003872
Rhs 100x100x3 Allgalx8m RHS1001003G 0000607
Rhs 100x100x4 Allgalx8m RHS1001004G 0000609
Rhs 100x100x5 Allgalx8m RHS1001005G 0000611
Rhs 100x50x1.6 Allgalx8mtr RHS1005016G 0003500
Rhs 100x50x1.6 Allgalx 2.6m RHS1005016G26 0004390
Rhs 100x50x2.5 Allgalx8m RHS1005025G 0000614
Rhs 100x50x2 Allgal X8m RHS100502G 0001009
Rhs 100x50x3 Allgalx 8m RHS100503G 0000616
Rhs 100x50x4 Allgalx8m RHS100504G 0002015
Rhs 125x125x4 Allgalx 8m RHS1251254G 0001650
Rhs 125x75x3 Allgal X8m RHS125753G 0000624
Rhs 125x75x4 Allgal X8m RHS125754G 0000626
Rhs 13x13x1.5 Galv X6.5m RHS131316G 0002021
Rhs 150x100x4 Allgal X8m RHS1501004G 0002018
Rhs 150x150x4 Galforce X 8m RHS1501504G 0003091
Rhs 150x50x2.5 Allgalx 8m RHS1505025G 0001601
Rhs 150x50x2 Allgal X8m RHS150502G 0002039
Rhs 150x50x3 Allgal X 8m RHS150503G 0000637
Rhs 150x50x5 Allgal X 8m RHS150505G 0001365
Rhs 15x15x1.5 Galforce X 6.5m RHS151515G 0003093
Rhs 200x100x4 Galforce X 8m RHS2001004G 0003092
Rhs 20x20x1.6 Allgal X 6.5m RHS202016G 0000646
Rhs 20x20x1.6 Allgal X 2m RHS202016G2 0001698
Rhs 20x20x2 Galforce X 6.5 M RHS20202G 0003124
Rhs 25x25x1.6 Allgal X 6.5m RHS252516G 0000648
Rhs 25x25x1.6 Allgal X 2m RHS252516G2 0001701
Rhs 25x25x2.5 Allgal X 6.5 M RHS252525G 0000651
Rhs 25x25x2 Allgal X 6.5m RHS25252G 0000652
Rhs 25x25x3 Allgal X 6.5 M RHS25253G 0000654
Rhs 30x30x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS3030168G 0001073
Rhs 30x30x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS303025G 0000656
Rhs 30x30x2 Allgal X 8m RHS30302G 0000657
Rhs 30x30x3 Allgal X 8m RHS30303G 0002019
Rhs 35x35x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS3535168G 0000659
Rhs 35x35x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS353525G 0001588
Rhs 35x35x2 Allgal X 8m RHS35352G 0001155
Rhs 38x25x1.6 Allgal X 7.32 M RHS382516G 0001132
Rhs 40x40x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS404016G 0000663
Rhs 40x40x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS404025G 0000666
Rhs 40x40x2 Allgal X 8m RHS40402G 0000667
Rhs 40x40x3 Allgal X 8m RHS40403G 0000669
Rhs 40x40x4 Allgal X 8m RHS40404G 0001364
Rhs 50x25x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS5025168G 0000671
Rhs 50x25x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS502525G 0000673
Rhs 50x25x2 Allgal X 8m RHS50252G 0000674
Rhs 50x25x3 Allgal X 8m RHS50253G 0001157
Rhs 50x50x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS5050168G 0000676
Rhs 50x50x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS505025G 0000679
Rhs 50x50x2 Allgal X 7.2m RHS5050272G 0004369
Rhs 50x50x2 Allgal X 8m RHS50502G 0000680
Rhs 50x50x3 Allgal X 8m RHS50503G 0000682
Rhs 50x50x4 Allgal X 8m RHS50504G 0000684
Rhs 50x50x5 Allgal X 8 Mtr RHS50505G 0001651
Rhs 60x60x1.6 Galv X 6.1m RHS60601661G 0002642
Rhs 65x35x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS653525G 0001158
Rhs 65x35x2 Allgal X 8m RHS65352G 0000686
Rhs 65x65x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS6565168G 0001488
Rhs 65x65x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS6565258G 0000688
Rhs 65x65x2 Allgal X 7.2m RHS6565272G 0004356
Rhs 65x65x2 Allgal X 8m RHS65652G 0000689
Rhs 65x65x3 Allgal X 8m RHS65653G 0000691
Rhs 65x65x4 Allgal X 8m RHS65654G 0002040
Rhs 75x25x1.6 Allgal X 8m RHS752516G 0001160
Rhs 75x25x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS752525G 0001582
Rhs 75x25x2 Allgal X 8m RHS75252G 0002016
Rhs 75x50x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS755025G 0001161
Rhs 75x50x2 Gal 8m RHS75502G 0003307
Rhs 75x50x3 Allgal X 8m RHS75503G 0000932
Rhs 75x50x4 Allgal X 8m RHS75504G 0001017
Rhs 75x75x2.5 Allgal X 6m RHS7575256G 0004355
Rhs 75x75x2.5 Allgal X 8m RHS757525G 0000700
Rhs 75x75x3 Allgal X 8m RHS75753G 0000702
Rhs 75x75x4 Allgal X 8m RHS75754G 0000704
Rhs 75x75x5 Allgal X 8m RHS75755G 0001572
Rhs 89x89x2 Allgal X 8m RHS89892G 0001639
Rhs 89x89x3.5 Allgal X 8m RHS898935G 0001919
Rhs 89x89x5 Allgal X 8m RHS89895G 0001366