Universal Beam

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Other weights available on request. Please contact us for availability and pricing. drilling and cutting available.
Stock Product ID SKU
U/Beam 150x14 Kg X Mtrs UB15014 0000784
U/Beam 150x18 Kg X Mtrs UB15018 0000785
U/Beam 180x18 Kg X Mtrs UB18018 0000786
U Beam 180x22.2 Kg X Mtrs UB18022 0000787
U/Beam 200x18 Kg X Mtrs UB20018 0000788
U/Beam 200x22.3 Kg X Mtrs UB20022 0000789
U/Beam 200x25.4 Kg X Mtrs UB20025 0000790
U/Beam 200x29.8 Kg X Mtrs UB20029 0000791
U/Beam 250x25.7kg X Mtrs UB25025 0000792
U/Beam 250x31.4 Kg X Mtrs UB25031 0000793
U/Beam 250x37.3 Kg X Mtrs UB25037 0000794
U Beam 310x40.4 Kg X Mtrs UB31040 0000796
U/Beam 410x53.7kg X Mtrs UB41054 0000801